INSIDE UCI: “Extra-Ordinary Families”, Anna Penner, Graduate Student, Sociology

INSIDE UCI - Extra-Ordinary Families (1).png

This INSIDE UCI event is today, Friday, September 8th from 1pm to 2pm at Continuing Education 1, Room 2080-2090 (Yosemite). An RSVP is required on EEE.

Meet Anna Penner, an inspiring PhD Candidate in Sociology! Anna received her B.A. from Biola University, M.A. from the University of California, Riverside, and is now a PhD Candidate in Sociology. Anna is broadly interested in issues of disability and the family, and her research looks at the effects of having a sibling with a disability on children’s outcomes such as behavioral problems, risk-taking behaviors, and educational attainment.  She is also interested in gender, race, inequality, education, and mixed method approaches.

At this event, you will hear about her family’s dynamics, experience growing up in Japan, the journey to selecting her major and the road to a PhD program. Intertwined with motorcycle lessons, working at the US Census Bureau, a career in property management, volunteering for programs to support folks with special needs, and traveling, we are sure that much can be gained from going INSIDE UCI with Anna Penner!