Thank You from UCI Summer Session!

Farewell Session II

Thank you for all the memories this summer, and we hope you all had an amazing time here at UC Irvine! It was a pleasure meeting and getting to know each and everyone of you. We hope you all had as much fun as we did, and we wish you safe travels!

Please feel free to email us any time at We would love to hear from you!


Laguna Beach Night Trip Photos!


We hope you all had a great time exploring the sunset and night life of Laguna Beach.

If you enjoy photography and would like to share some of your photos from this trip with our office, please send your best photos to We might feature your photo on our blog!

Monday RUNday Today!

Monday RUNday SSII (Wk 4)

Do you need a healthy way to take a study break before finals? Bring a buddy and join the Activities staff for a jog this evening!

You will be running at your own pace, so do not worry if you are a beginner. Please meet in front of the student lounge in CE6 (building #236 on the campus map).

For each mile you run, you will receive a raffle ticket that might win you a prize! There will also be an optional 5k race this summer, which makes Monday RUNdays the perfect opportunity for practice!

All levels welcome. Sign up here:

Coffee, Tea, & Oranges

Coffee, Tea, and Oranges

We have coffee, tea, and oranges in the International Summer Session Office all day, everyday this week, from 8am-5pm. Stop by and say hi before Session 2 ends!

Lastly, good luck this week on your finals! Study hard, get some sleep, and if you ever need a break from studying, you are more than welcome to visit our office for a chat. We hope to see you all!

Reminder: Hollywood LA Tour & Outlet Shopping Trip Tomorrow!

Hollywood LA Trip.png

This is a reminder about the Hollywood & LA Tour this Saturday, September 9th from 9am to 10pm! If you were confirmed for this trip, you should have received an email from the Activities Office regarding pick-up location and trip details.

The weather in Los Angeles on Saturday will be a high of 27° C and low of 20° C.  It will be hot and sunny so make sure to dress appropriately, and bring a hat, sunglasses, and sunblock to protect yourself from the sun. Wear comfortable shoes and a jacket for the evening when it gets cooler.

For more information on the locations that you will be visiting, please click the links below:

Grand Central Market:
Griffith Observatory:
Citadel Outlets:


If you enjoy photography and would like to share some of your photos from this trip with our office, please send your best photos to We might feature your photo on our blog!

INSIDE UCI: “Extra-Ordinary Families”, Anna Penner, Graduate Student, Sociology

INSIDE UCI - Extra-Ordinary Families (1).png

This INSIDE UCI event is today, Friday, September 8th from 1pm to 2pm at Continuing Education 1, Room 2080-2090 (Yosemite). An RSVP is required on EEE.

Meet Anna Penner, an inspiring PhD Candidate in Sociology! Anna received her B.A. from Biola University, M.A. from the University of California, Riverside, and is now a PhD Candidate in Sociology. Anna is broadly interested in issues of disability and the family, and her research looks at the effects of having a sibling with a disability on children’s outcomes such as behavioral problems, risk-taking behaviors, and educational attainment.  She is also interested in gender, race, inequality, education, and mixed method approaches.

At this event, you will hear about her family’s dynamics, experience growing up in Japan, the journey to selecting her major and the road to a PhD program. Intertwined with motorcycle lessons, working at the US Census Bureau, a career in property management, volunteering for programs to support folks with special needs, and traveling, we are sure that much can be gained from going INSIDE UCI with Anna Penner!

Spots Still Available!

There are spots available for both the Sunset Kayaking and Surfing Lessons events! If you are interested in attending these trips, sign up in the Student Life & Activities Office as soon as possible!

Full Moon Kayaking.png

Come spend a great evening out for a relaxing sunset kayaking adventure! You will be kayaking on peaceful waters, surrounded by several different species of birds hunting for their meals, fish that fly up out of the water, and sometimes even sea lions. It will be a beautiful experience!

Price is $38 and includes an activity lead, transportation, professional instructor, and kayak rental.

Surfing Lessons Spots Still Available.png

Have you ever been surfing?

This is your chance to dive into Southern California culture and join us at the Huntington State Beach as we learn how to surf! In just a few hours, you will learn the basics of surfing and ocean water safety. Because you are in Southern California, you’ll be able to take what you’ve learned and head out to the beach on your own to catch that perfect wave. A two-hour lesson, surfboard, and wetsuit are all included. We will grab food and play on the beach after the lesson!