2018 UCI International Student Mentors

Meet the International Student Mentors


Bunchhin Huy
Lead Mentor
Biomedical Engineering, Premed, Class of 2018
Transfer Edge Participant 2015, Transferred from De Anza Community College
(From: Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

I came to UCI as a transfer student, participating in the Transfer Edge program. Many of the students that participated in the Freshman Edge and Transfer Edge, had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with the campus, the city, and the great resources on campus. This allowed students to have a head start and hit the ground running when fall began. Last summer, I served as mentor for the Visiting International Program. Our international participants left with incredible experiences and memories of UCI classes and Southern California, such as the food, warm weather, gorgeous beaches, new friends from various backgrounds, fun events hosted by UCI summer session, and much more. This could not happen without the hard work and strong collaboration of the amazing summer session staff and mentors, who are willing to help wholeheartedly. I am returning to the Leadership Development Program to play a part in maintaining this culture and assisting students enhance their overall experience. Welcome to UCI Summer Session!


Irene Lee
Business Administration, Class of 2020
(From: Anahiem Hills, CA)

Hello everyone! My name is Hye Jin Lee, but you can call me Irene. I was born in S. Korea but lived in Anaheim, CA until I started UCI. My experience at UCI has been nothing but phenomenal. Every quarter has been marked with new and distinct surprises. I am very excited to be a part of this program, and I look forward to sharing my experiences in S. Korea and the U.S. and getting to know your experiences back home


Karina Dominguez
Double Major in Psychology and Sociology, Class of 2019
Transferred from Los Angeles City College
(From: Los Angeles, California)

Hello everyone! My name is Karina Dominguez and I transferred from Los Angeles City College to UC Irvine. My experience here at UCI has been amazing and filled with incredible memories. I am very grateful for the programs on campus that helped me adjust to UCI and all the local and international friends that made. My first year at UCI was an incredible one. I am very eager to be a mentor for the 2018 Summer Session, share my experiences, learn from each other, and make this summer a memorable one.


Ronald Chen
Business Economics with a minor in Statistics, Class of 2020
(From: Guangzhou, China)

Hello everyone! My name is Yihuan Chen, but you can call me Ronald. I am an international student majoring in Business Economics and minoring in Statistics. As an international student, I found that it is difficult for international students to acclimate themselves at the beginning of the program. However, I am sure you can quickly adapt to the new environment, and you will have a great experience with me at UCI! Can’t wait to see you all this summer!


Scott Meng
Computer Science, Class of 2020
(From: China)

The summer that I attended UCI’s summer session is one of my best times in my life. It is like a prologue of the story all about my squad. We had best encounters and adventures here. Now, it’s your turn! Are you ready to start your own story?


Shinho Park
Public Health Sciences, Class of 2020
(From: Korea)

Hello everyone! My name is Shinho Park and I am an international student from Sokcho, Korea. I am really excited to be a mentor for Visiting International Program. There are so many resources around the campus that I took advantage of while I was in the first year, I can’t wait to share my experiences with all of you and listen to your stories. We are here to help you have a memorable summer experience at UCI!


Susan Chen
Economics with a minor in Education, Class of 2020
(From: China)

Hi everyone! My name is Susan and I am an international student from Shanghai, China. I’m a third-year student, majoring in Public Health Policy and Economics. I felt nervous and encountered many difficulties when I first came to UCI. Now, I have adjusted to American Culture and enjoy the life here at UC-Irvine! I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and helping you adjust to life in the United States!


Weizhou Wang
Electrical Engineering, Class of 2020
(From: Beijing, China)

Hi! My name is Weizhou Wang, a second year International student major in electrical engineering at UCI. I attended the International Student Excellence Program during my first year, which helped me with both my school life as well as personal life. Thus, I am willing to do as my mentor did to help other International students who are having a hard time here. I am familiar with the whole school and have a lot of hobbies such as singing, playing guitar, ball games, video games and so on. I hope you will have a great time here with me. Thank you!


Yiming Hu
Math, Class of 2020
(From: Wuhan, China)

Hi, everyone! My name is Yiming Hu. You also can call me Ethan. I am an international student from Wuhan, Hubei, China. I am currently a first-year math major. When I first came to UCI it was challenging for me to express my opinion fully in a different language. However, after I participated in English Conversation Program, I felt more comfortable speaking with others. Also, UC Irvine is a huge campus, It’s really hard to locate the classroom at the beginning of year. Fortunately, my International Peer Group mentor showed me each building on the campus, and I was able to more successfully navigate collegiate life. I am glad I have the chance to be the mentor and to share my experiences with each of you. I am so excited to meet everyone, make new friends, and create amazing memories with you all this summer!


Yuxuan Sun
Biological Science, Class of 2018
(From: Shandong, China)

Hi, everyone. My name is Yuxuan. Currently, I am a third-year bio student in UCI. I come from China, which means I am an International Student just like you. I have had great experiences and have been helped by many people at UCI. Thus, I hope to help you learn how to survive your classes, where you can eat, and learn everything you can about this fantastic University. I am excited to help you and hope that you could have a unforgettable experience in UCI.


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