International Alumni Spotlight: Chris Yeh

Chris Yeh

I was a student in Taiwan studying at Fu-Jen Catholic University, majoring in Occupational Therapy, and my study of interest was any subject related to science and health. I saw UCI’s summer session brochure and took a look at it and decided to take two of the courses it provided immediately, in my knowledge of summer session in the U.S UCI is the school that provides the most courses. In fact, not only does it provide subjects like Art, Life Science , it also provides subjects that are considered crucial in medicine school such as Human Anatomy , Human Physiology , Biochemistry …etc.

I had the greatest memories in my life while I was at UCI , what I remember the most about the life at UCI Summer Session is those days I kept studying for the hard subject I’d taken , Human Physiology, the times my partner and I helped each other review, and also the RA of my dorm has helped me through lots of matters regarding the dorm. Lastly I would like to give my thanks to those thoughtful mentors for always being there for us. I had a wonderful classmate named Leah who took the same subject as me. She also lived in the dorm where I was living and I remember that we chatted so much and she was so sweet that I never really felt out of place for being a foreign student.

I think the experiences at UCI have made me a person with more international views , I actually started learning some foreign languages after the course was finished back in my country.

International Alumni Spotlight: JingJing Wang

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I am a finance and accounting student of Cardiff University in UK. I spotted UCI summer program on the university website. I think it’s really a good opportunity to participate in such an activity, as it encouraged me to explore a different culture and meet different people in a totally fresh place, which sounded like a challenge for me, so I chose to take it.

During my time at UCI, I leaned a lot from the U.S. education system. Compared to my past experience, UCI gave me more choices of various courses, such as psychology and photography. I have chosen the Advanced communicating English supporting class that actually helped me improve my English as well as the communication skills.

Some great memories are the small trips on the weekends. This was a wonderful chance to relax and have fun with your friends. I miss those days so much and will treasure them my whole life. UCI summer program brings me surprise, and it’s also a nice opportunity to enhance my CV, so don’t hesitate to join us!

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International Alumni Spotlight: Dan Nash

Dan Nash

1. What was/is the name of your home university? What was your study of interest?
Canterbury Christ Church University, American Studies

2. Why did you choose UC Irvine as the school to study abroad in?
I wanted the chance to spend time living and learning in the US, and in a place where I could most enjoy the environment I was in. Southern California has everything I could have possible asked for in experiencing this.

3. What was your favorite memory or activity at UCI Summer Session?
Being able to appreciate long days with beautiful weather in such a relaxing manner.

4. Did you meet any interesting individuals or students during your stay at UCI?
I met people from countries I’ve never otherwise had the opportunity to do so, and was able to interact with Americans in their own cultural sphere for the very first time.

5. What activities have you been involved in after summer session? (academics, work, sports, extra-curricular activities)
My time spent at UC Irvine helped me develop the ideas that eventually became my undergraduate dissertation. I also continued attending regular gym sessions following the ease of access provided there, improving my overall fitness and strength since then.

6. How did you feel about your exposure to the diverse community at UCI?
It felt simultaneously enlightening to experience difference aspects of various different cultures but at the same time required no effort to do so.

7. What courses did you take and what are your thoughts on them? (difficulty level, content, professors)
I felt the pressure of work was less significant than in England which allowed me to approach it from a more relaxed direction, and complete it at a leisurely pace. It was interesting learning things similar to what I have studied regularly from a new perspective that had previously been somewhat neglected in my home university’s outlook.

If you had previously attended UCI International Summer Session and would like to share your experience, send an email to! We would love to hear from you!