Zipcar at UCI!


At UCI we have cars available for you to use during the summer called ZipCars. You will need to create a membership (only $25), which is an easy process. However, before you can obtain a membership, you will first need to show proof that you have not had an accident in the past year in your home country. Students that want to take advantage of this fantastic transportation opportunity are encouraged to visit the ZipCar website and follow the instructions so they can obtain the proper documents to ensure they have access to this UCI benefit. Here’s the website to learn more:

Select your country from the drop down menu and then click the link that will take you to your country’s department of automobiles, which will provide information on how to obtain the necessary document from your country. In some countries this can take a while, so please let your students know about this opportunity with as much advanced notice as possible.

Zipcar for students
Self-service access to cars 24/7
Low hourly and daily rates include gas and insurance
Reserve online or using your mobile device – in seconds
Cars located right on campus
Good for the environment